Project Description

Oil Stains on Asphalt

This customer called us due to the HOA charging her an extra $100 a week for the oil stains she had on her asphalt from her SUV. We came out the next day to remove the stains. With our detergent and hot water pressure washer we were able to remove the stains and get the HOA issues resolved.


48 Hour Rain Guarantee

If it rains within 48hrs of when we clean your windows. We will clean the outside of your windows again at no cost to you.

At Spotless Window Cleaning we guarantee a clean that you will be satisfied with. If there are any issues, one of our experienced window cleaners will walk the job with you and go step by step on how they will fix this issue. This will be at no cost to you.

  • An issue occurs after the job is done and a customer calls Spotless Window Cleaning about the issue

  • We will setup a time that works for you with one of our experienced window cleaners
  • We will come up with a game plan to eliminate this problem and meet your satisfaction
  • Once the game plan is executed we will walk the job again to ensure the quality is to the highest of standards


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